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Turn the kitchen you imagine into a reality....

So you think designing a new kitchen is going to be hard work? Well this planning guide is full of tips and ideas to help you get started. Turn that dream kitchen that you are after into reality with the information needed to plan, design, order and install that new kitchen.

For inspiration and ideas, browse through the planning guide and view the many design and coloured picture ideas on offer.

Plan your kitchen layout

The working triangle

Looking at the natural flow of work zones within the kitchen, this work path is referred to as the working triangle. The working triangle illustrates the route between the most used work areas, like the fridge, sink and cooking appliances. By reducing the size of the working triangle it will save you a lot of time and effort in your new kitchen. By using the 4 common kitchen layouts (Straight Line, L-Shape, U-Shape, and Galley) and referring to the working triangle, you can select the design most suited to your new kitchen

Wondering Where to Start? Don't worry,

it's really quite simple..just read through these accepted design 'rules', consider the importance of trends and of course, your budget, and plan according to your available space. Your kitchen should be both attractive and functional which means that you'll need to consider what your priorities are. If renovating, try to avoid the things that annoyed you in the old space...lack of bench space,light, wall switches, storage etc. If on a tight budget, you could use pre-made cabinet packages..see your local hardware/warehouse. Otherwise, ask a designer to come to your home and offer suggestions.

Kitchen Layout - a layout should be designed around the 'work' or 'working' triangle, as discussed at the beginning of this book. This means that the oven, sink and refrigerator should form a triangle that is no more than 7m in total. Why? For easy movement between the most utilised areas.

Kitchen Lighting - Think about number and placement of light switches and lighting in general. In contemporary kitchen design, lighting includes general or ambient lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting, all necessary in your kitchen.

Storage Ideas - The amount you need to store and the appliances you use, will be considerations when you choose your storage units. Pantry, cabinets,shelving and drawers can be designed to make the most of your available space.

Counter-tops - Bench-tops and counter-tops are mainly determined by the style you want. The trend is chunky and deep now, and there is a wide choice of materials and colours. Counter-tops can be a really beautiful feature of your area.

Splash-backs – Splash-backs are a great focus in a contemporary kitchen design so be adventurous as you will realise that in any kitchen this is where you can inject colour and be versatile with glass, mosaics, steel, tiles and other modern materials. Add sophistication and style with cleverly designed splash backs.

Appliances - Integrated kitchens are high on the trendy list with appliances being hidden behind cupboards and panels. Fridges, microwaves and ovens can be integrated to give an uncluttered look that blends with all open-plan spaces.

Cabinet Hardware - Hardware for your cabinets includes handles, pulls, knobs and hinges. All of these can be used to enhance your particular kitchen style and can highlight the look. You may want handle-less cabinetry to highlight a contemporary seamless look!

Colours - It is still wise to use a palette of calm neutral tones, particularly if you are going to sell. Whites, creams, mochas, lattes and greys are all useful design classics that go well with many styles. Remember that dark tones limit the idea of space and that you can use the splash-back, counter-tops and flooring to highlight more vibrant colour.

Kitchen Designs
kitchen Design Book
Top 100 Kitchen Designs

Materials - Kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, splash-backs and floors are all benefiting from new-age designing of materials such as polished concrete aggregate, slate, pebbles instead of tiles, and stainless steel in conjunction with reconstituted glass.

ESD (Environmentally sustainable design)
ESD is an important part of all design in todays building and very much so in the kitchen as the hub of the family home. We now think of the raw materials used for products, harvesting of materials, the processing involved and the energy that is used to create them and use them.
You may want to get a consultant to help you design an eco-friendly space that will help you contribute to saving the planet!

Coffee house cup Wall Decals Kitchen Rules Fruit Holder Coffee Time
Wall Art Room Mates Blackboard Designer display 3-D Wall Clock

Kitchen Style - Try to fit your contemporary kitchen design style in with the rest of your house to achieve a more integrated look, but there is no law that you can't have a different style of kitchen!

Trust your own instincts and don't get too worried about what others say! After all, you and your family are the ones going to be living in it. What suits your friends, will not necessarily suit you.

L-Shaped Kitchen

One of the most common layouts

l shaped kitchen designs

100 top kitchens Only $2.95

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l shaped kitchen

Galley Kitchen

This Galley shaped kitchen features in many new homes

galley kitchen kitchen designs

galley kitchen

Straight line kitchen design

This Kitchen design is best when you have the space

Straight line kitchen design photo

Straight line kitchen design

The Do's and Dont's of Planning

kitchn design what to do

100 top kitchens Only $2.95

download our kitchen design ebook Here

kitchn design what to do


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